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Global EV


The Global EV Outlook represents the collective efforts

of two years of primary data gathering and analysis from the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) and the International Energy Agency (IEA). We are honored to be allowed to post it here for you to read. Sustainable Transportation is a vital goal for countries around the world as they address future energy requirements. Electric vehicles, in particular, represent one of the most promising pathways to increased energy security and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

The EVI is uniquely positioned to track the initial years of mass-market deployment of EVs. The data presented in this report describe a rapidly growing market, but with a long way to go before achieving high rates of market penetration. Electrification of the global vehicle fleet is undoubtedly a long-term ambition. EV market shares are still below 1% in most major markets, due in part to high upfront costs, real and perceived range limitations, and a lack of consumer education. At the same time however, there has been considerable progress in the global market - with EVI countries representing more than 90% of all EV deployment in the world. This suggests a relatively positive outlook for EVs.

Download the publication from the IEA's website.

Ev City


In recognition of the importance of urban areas

in the introduction and scale-up of electric vehicles, the EV City Casebook presents informative case studies on city and regional EV deployment efforts around the world. These case studies are illustrative examples of how pioneering cities are preparing the ground for mass market EV deployment. They offer both qualitative and quantitative information on cities' EV goals, progress, policies, incentives, and lessons learned to date.

Download the Casebook here.

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